Best gifts under $100 this holiday season

Great gift choices don't have to cost a fortune for Christmas and Thanksgiving
1. Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

Why buy AirPods or other name-brand truly wireless headphones, which can cost $160 and up? But the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 earbuds deliver solid sound quality for less than $100. This second-generation model offers USB-C charging, better battery life and call quality. It's available in black or white. Read our Anker SoundCore Liberty Air first take.

2. Upright Go 2 posture trainer

The Upright Go 2, a little device you stick onto your skin at the top of your back (between your shoulder blades), monitors your posture and vibrates when you're slouching. Using the companion app for iOS and Android, you can set up training regimes and keep track of your progress. This new second-generation version is 50 percent smaller than the original. Additional adhesives cost $10 for a 10-pack but some people use double-sided tape to save money.
The adhesives (10 are included) kept the Upright Go 2 on my back just fine -- I barely noticed the device was there except for when it vibrated -- and you can wear it for several days without replacing the adhesive. Eventually the adhesive needs to be replaced, however, or you risk having the device fall off your back.

3. Hyperice Hypersphere Mini vibrating massage ball

Hyperice's original Hypersphere massage ball ($150) is quite powerful but a bit on the large side and requires its own power adapter to charge it. Meanwhile, the new smaller Hypersphere Mini ($99) -- about the size of a softball (3-inch diameter) -- charges with a micro-USB cable and actually works better for rolling out your muscles, with 3 speeds to choose from. It also travels better.

4. WD Black P10 portable gaming drive

It's pretty easy to fill up the storage space on your gaming console, which is where an external drive like the WD Black P10 comes in. Starting out around $85 for the 2TB version, this compact drive attaches to the USB port on your PlayStation 4 or XBox One and immediately gives you a lot more room to store your games (and not worry about deleting titles as you add new ones). At $100, the 3TB capacity is a good value and you can go all the way up to 5TB for around $120. The drive also comes in an Xbox version with a white trim (pictured on right). Either version can also be used with PCs and uses a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface. It's not as fast as a more expensive SSDs (solid-state drives), but the P10 has transfer speeds of up to 130 MB/S. Your games will run just fine from it.

5. UE Wonderboom 2

The JBL Clip 3 is arguably the best travel-friendly wireless speaker, but if you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas, the UE Wonderboom 2, which offers improved sound and battery life over the original, is a great choice. This wireless speaker is available in about a dozen fun colors, it really can float and it sounds great, too. Its list price is $100, but some colors sell for around $80 and elsewhere. Read our UE Wonderboom 2 first take.

6. Tile Sticker 8-pack with free Google Nest Mini

The ultimate gift for someone who's always losing things, Tile Stickers are little round trackers that pair with your phone. To find one, you just tap the app to make it ring. But you can also use a smart speaker, hence the inclusion of the free Nest Mini. Now, instead of having to find your phone before you can find your other stuff, just tell Google to help you locate the missing thing.

7. Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon's smallest Echo Show lists for $90, but frequently sells for less than $70 (and go even lower for Black Friday). If you're looking for a video-enabled Echo device for your nightstand or kitchen, this is the most affordable option. The new Echo Show 8 (available Nov. 21) lists for $130. It should also be on sale for the holidays and may dip below $100. Read our Echo Show 5 review.

8. Logitech MX Master 3

I've been a fan of Logitech's earlier MX Master and MX Master 2S mice, which shared the same design. For the MX Master 3, Logitech's engineers have made some upgrades to both the design and the mechanics of the mouse, most noticeably to the scroll wheel, which is driven by electromagnets and is buttery-smooth to operate. It's fast and quiet -- you can zip through literally thousands of lines in seconds when you switch from ratchet to free-spin mode. It costs just less than $100. Read the Logitech MX Master 3 first take.