How to Get Free Unlimited 4G Data on Airtel With High-Speed Download

How to Get Free Unlimited 4G Data on Airtel With High-Speed Download

Reliance Jio has created a major stir in the telecom market of India, which is making other networks offer better service than them. However, one thing which is worth remembering is that Airtel is almost competitive to get in line with Reliance Jio in terms of everything.

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In this article, we will guide you through a trick where you can enjoy unlimited 4G data for free even though if you don’t have a data pack recharged in your network. The only thing you have to make sure it that your Airtel 4G SIM card doesn’t have any balance in it.

Follow the below steps to get free 4G data on Airtel.

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1)Step 1: Download ‘Twerk It Vpn 4G’

In the first step, you have to download an app called ‘Twerk It Vpn 4G’ from Google. The application can’t be found on Google Play Store because Google removed it due to terms and condition violation. However, you can download the apk from Google.

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2) Step 2: Don’t Change Default APN Settings

Also, make sure that you haven’t changed the default APN settings in your smartphone, which is a very crucial step in this entire process.

3) Step 3: Open the ‘Twerk It Handler’ Menu from App

After downloading the application, open it and you can see a menu called ‘Twerk It Handler’, just hit on it and there you can see some options.

4) Step 4: Change the Settings as following

After entering the menu, you can see some options out there such as ‘Remove Port’, etc. Now, change the below settings in your smartphone.

Remove Port- Enable it

Proxy Type- Dual Real Host

Proxy Server-

5) Step 5: Save the Settings

After changing the above-mentioned settings, save them and switch over to the home page of the application. And, now you need to select some home VPN server. For high-speed data, just select the United States. Moreover, you can choose between other countries as well if the United States doesn’t work out. After setting to the United States, press the Twerk it button.

6) Step 6: Check Your Download Speed

You’re done with the complete process. All you need to do is check whether it is working or not. It will work and that too with much better data speeds.

Note: Following this process might block your Airtel SIM card. To avoid such issues, please use this process in a limited manner and try to disconnect and reconnect for every 250MB of data usage.

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